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Recruitment Academy

Recruitment Academy provides recruitment and talent sourcing training and certifications. It is also GoodCall's incubator for incoming talent sourcers.

The world of searching and recruiting new employees has been changing dramatically. Traditional recruitment techniques do not work anymore and the employers are struggling with a lack of talents, qualified professionals, demographic changes and low workforce mobility. In addition, all these factors are influenced by the new generation (Generation Y) at the labor market and by huge influence of technology, especially social media.

Recruitment Academy is one of the main parts of the recruitment agency GoodCall and its vision is to help organizations use new trends while searching talents and gain competitive advantage by adapting new trends, technologies and methods. In addition, it serves as an incubator of new talent sourcers directly for the agency GoodCall, who then become part of the Virtual Talent Sourcing Centre.

Recruitment Academy may become the first step for ambitious students to gain a job opportunity in recruitment, thus in the field of human resources (HR). On the other hand, it offers recruitment services provided by trained experts to end customers (employers, recruitment agencies and non-profit organizations).

The aim of Recruitment Academy is to increase the level of quality of the services in the area of search and recruitment of employees. Recruitment agencies are often criticized for a low level of quality of their work with candidates and unfortunately often with their client (employer) as well. Our revolutionary model raises new talents in the area of recruitment and dramatically changes the position of recruitment agencies at the labor market. Recruitment Academy Graduates will represent the best of our profession and set up trends of modern recruitment.

Our students use the latest techniques while searching for talents. Social media and internet are their main tools. They work under the supervision of the most experienced recruitment consultants and HR experts. Our team is comprised of people with enthusiasm for their subject and a fancy for changing things. Innovation is the core of all our activities.

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