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Helping people is not a privilege, it's a second nature. Have you sworn the Hippocratic oath or you simply have a good heart and decided to improve medical research, develop new cures and drugs, or develop new devices, you deserve to work in a palce you will like.

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  • GoodCall is the right choice if you are interested in positions such as medical representant / KAM – Key Account Manager / medical specialist / medical devices / brand manager / marketing / laboratory research / clinic studies / middle and higher management

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  • Pfizer
  • abbott
  • bayer
  • allergan
  • bio-rad
  • Boehringer

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Miri Lustyková

Miri Lustyková

Talent Sourcer

I simply want to help people to get a better job. I think the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is similar in a way. Both are about helping and that's a great positive emotion. I will be happy to hear your story and give you a hand in finding new job.

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