HR & Recruitment

HR & Recruitment

Behind every successful company is a strong HR and behind every satisfied employee is a strong HR specialist. At GoodCall, our HR department also makes our daily work easier, so we understand its true meaning. That is why we are also looking for candidates for our clients who have enough strength and enthusiasm to support their colleagues and be the essential pillar of a successful company.

Make the right step in your career

  • For people who work "for others", it is all the more essential that they are in the right place. We will help you find that place. We can meet without commitment and introduce you to open positions at our clients or just talk about the market situation and your plans in general.
  • We work in HR ourselves, which is why we understand this area very well.
  • In our client portfolio, you can choose from modern startups to cosmopolitan corporations - whichever will suit you best. Or we can find you a place in one of our teams in GoodCall.
  • We will help you find your dream job, whether you are just starting with HR, have several years of experience in a specific area - recruitment, learning & development or comp & ben, or you have already moved into a managerial position.
  • Fill out the form below and come and try how pleasant it is when someone takes care of you with honest interest and professionalism. Your dream job awaits.

We can find you an opportunity in one of these companies:

  • metalimex
  • ahold
  • gooddata
  • weber
  • sap
  • exxonmobile

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Tell us little bit about yourself. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and together agree on the next steps.

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Naty Wantochová

Naty Wantochová


HR specialists are like the gears of a complex machine, they are not so visible, but their functioning is crucial to the rest.

If it is also your mission to ensure that others can do their job as best they can, you are in the right place, figuratively speaking. But if you happen to feel that you are not in the right place, let's change that.

Are you more comfortable in a busy recruitment environment or do you see yourself in HR marketing? Do you enjoy working with data? If you don't know yet what could be the right thing for you, I'll be happy to listen to what's on your mind and do my best to help you find a job that you really enjoy.

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