Supply chain

Supply Chain

When you say logistics, is there more that comes to your mind than a package you’ve hopelessly been waiting a month for? Do you enjoy when the things around you are (literally) on the move, every day brings a new challenge and you’re able to trace any information in an endless Excel table? Then chances are high that a new career challenge is waiting for you in our portfolio of supply chain positions.

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  • Thanks to our long-term work in the field we can find you the ideal position no matter what your preferences are.

  • Are you familiar with analytics and see contingency tables more often than your closest friends? Then we can offer you a position in the field of Planning.

  • You don’t only see warehouses as “buildings full of products” but rather as living organisms that need to be taken care of? Then you might be interested in managing warehouses for the most famous global brands on the European market.

  • Do you enjoy international co-operation and chaos is not your stressor but your motivator? Then there are new opportunities in managing international transport waiting  for you - in both internal and supplying environment.
  • Can't imagine a functional supply chain without a well-set up and functioning purchase? Then you might be interested in a number of opportunities from our portfolio of procurement positions.

  • If your current position simply isn’t the right fit, let it go – let’s start a new collaboration and transport ourselves closer to your dream job.

We can find you an opportunity in one of these companies:

  • exxon
  • gep
  • Coca Cola Hellenic
  • Fromageries Bel
  • FedEx
  • Partner in Pet Food
  • Siemens
  • TNT

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Jarmila Štefanová

Jarmila Štefanová


There is no better feeling than finding the right match for great and talented people! And that is my long term goal in recruitment in Supply Chain and Logistics. 

If you are looking for new job opportunities and challenges I would be delighted to hear your story and help to connect you with the right career choice. 

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