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We believe that the current recruitment market (both internal HR as well as agencies) has become somewhat stagnant. Although candidate behaviour has changed drastically in the past 10 years, very few recruiting practices have caught up. We established GoodCall for Talent to bring a refreshingly new approach to recruitment and show the market that there is another way.


We use premium, superior processes and tools that we’ve invested in since before our inception. Our 30-person Virtual Talent Sourcing hub, iOS & Android mobile app, and one-of-a-kind Recruitment Academy training the region’s top sourcers

Our distinctive approach pro-actively explores candidate pools using social recruitment methodology, combining video and mobile technology.

We offer flexi-pricing with the ability to pay only for the services that you want. Alternatively, for a simple hourly fee, we can outsource ad-hoc research or a full-time talent sourcer to complete whatever tasks are agreed.


GoodCall for Talent is a modern recruitment company assisting companies both small and large in their HR marketing and market engagement practices with the goal of acquiring the best talent available.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR strategy is closely connected to our core business. As recruiters we know that not all jobseekers are fortunate to find the right job. We want to help those groups that have difficulties in the labour market such as maternity leavers, fresh graduates, 50+ jobseekers and handicapped. We established a non-profit organization called Genixa that provides programs and assistance to those who need our help most.

GoodCall is lead by highly networked, and inspiring individuals who have long and successful track records in the recruitment industry.

Founder and Chairman of the Group, Milan Novak, has over 14 years of experience in the market and has managed some of the most significant recruitment projects in CEE. He lead and built the largest international recruitment organisation in the region.

Chief Executive Officer, Blake Wittman, is responsible for leading and inspiring the GoodCall business. He launched and expanded one of Central Europe’s premier executive search firms, but he also has rich experience from award-winning online startups.

Founder and the Chief Recruitment Architect, Josef Kadlec, is the author of a revolutionary recruitment book "People as Merchandise", As a former software engineer, Josef specializes in innovative sourcing strategies using the latest social media platforms. Josef is one of the first LinkedIn headhunters in Europe and a well-known trainer and presenter of modern sourcing techniques.

Milan Novak

Founder and Chairman of the Group

Josef Kadlec

Chief Recruitment Architect and Founder

Blake Wittman

Chief Executive Officer

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