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Evolving the Industry

We’re setting new trends with our creative candidate attraction strategies, ensuring our clients are represented in a cool, modern way.

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Engaging Better

We exclusively use social media and the market’s only mobile app for recruitment; finally engaging candidates the way all other industries do.

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Our team of more than 30 sourcing professionals work 24/7, making real-time recruitment possible and interacting with candidates when and how they prefer.

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HR Mixer

We speak, we publish, we shoot videos. HR Mixer is GoodCall's publishing platform where you can find our articles, videos and media references.

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Recruitment Academy

Recruitment Academy provides recruitment and talent sourcing training and certifications. It is also GoodCall's incubator for incoming talent sourcers.

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Talent Sourcing Book

Josef Kadlec, a co-founder of GoodCall is the notorious author of the recognizable book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment.

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We established a non-profit organization called Genixa that provides programs and assistance to those who need our help most.

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New Approach to Recruitment


We are a people business and we build relationships with our customers, clients, partners and business communities. We believe that everybody is a candidate.

Recruitment Technology

Our business model is built on our own ATS that we constantly develop and integrate with cloud solutions, social media and mobile devices.

Virtual Talent Sourcing (VTS)

Our VTS 24/7 community constantly sources candidates across the region, taps into the passive candidate market and manages external talent pools.

Recruitment Academy

Our academy trains and develops the top talent sourcers, recruiters and recruitment managers in the region.

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