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Scrum Master

Agile coach

  • Úvazek: plný
  • Plat: dohodou
  • Region: Jihomoravský kraj
  • Požadovaný jazyk: angličtina (B1)
  • Vhodné pro absolventy: ne
  • Referenční číslo: A6976
Martin Bárta

Martin Bárta


O čem to celé je?

What will your environment be like?
  • Multinational company with offices and customers all over the world
  • Company working in mobile networks and telecommunications – full portfolio of:
o Network security for mobile operators
o RAN (Radio Access Network for modern 5G mobile networks)
o Mobile core technologies (VoIP, IMS, packet core, network signaling)
o VAS (Value Added Services) on top of Short and Multimedia Messages and modern Rich Messaging (RCS)
o Modern IP messaging, SMS, MMS
o Anti-Fake & Anti-SPAM for SMS and MMS
o Products developed for virtualized environments
o Telecommunication services big data analytics
  • Support for new technologies driven by giants such as Apple or Google
  • Scrum teams built around our products with the focus on scalability, distributed architecture and high performance Linux based systems

What will you do?
  • Apply agile processes, principles and merits
  • Ensure a short and effective learning cycle
  • Manage long-term development of assigned teams
  • Build self-organized and cross-functional teams
  • Introduce agile methodologies and merits to new teams
  • Coach and mentor assigned teams
  • Actively participate in an SM group
  • Participate in agile events, exchange programs

Who will you work with?
  • Individuals who like to dig deep into technology and want to learn how things work
  • Linux geeks, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, developers/testers of the core
  • People who work hard, play hard and laugh loud
  • Scrum masters with experience in agile transformation
  • Product Owners, Team/engineering managers, technical leads, etc.

Kdo jste?

What we expect you already know/have?
  • Good communication skills and ability to define things clearly and understandably
  • Ability to “negotiate in” or “deal with” an authentic work situation
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Experienced to introduce Scrum
  • Practical experience with Scrum in multiple teams (optional - senior SM)
  • Understanding benefits of various software development practices, methodologies and trends (optional – senior SM)

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  • Úvazek: plný
  • Plat: dohodou
  • Region: Jihomoravský kraj
  • Požadovaný jazyk: angličtina (B1)
  • Vhodné pro absolventy: ne
  • Referenční číslo: A6976


Martin Bárta

Martin Bárta

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