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Verification engineer

Verification Engineer

  • Úvazek: plný
  • Plat: dohodou
  • Region: Brno
  • Vhodné pro absolventy: ne
  • Referenční číslo: A6582
Martin Bárta

Martin Bárta


O čem to celé je?

What we expect you already know/have?
  • Commercial experience with testing on a Linux platform
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Interest in networks and protocols
  • Critical and analytical thinking

What will your environment be like?
  • Multinational company with offices and customers all over the world
  • Company working in mobile networks and telecommunication - with special focus on mVAS product – Voice Mail Application Server
o SIP, IMS, Rest/HTTP, XML, Diameter, SMPP, SMTP
o NoSQL Database (Cassandra), Couchbase, Object Store (Swift)
o Network security for mobile operators
  • Agile SCRUM teams

Kdo jste?

What will you work with?
  • Software products which aim at scalability, distributed architecture and high performance
  • Mixture of proven and bleeding-edge technologies
  • Linux
  • Python, TCL, Perl
  • Atlassian tools JIRA, Confluence and STASH (GIT)

What will you do?
  • Design all types of tests on top of existing products -> We need you to
o Verify that we are doing our SW according
  • Customer requirements
  • Specifications and Designs
o Explore and discover the insidious bugs
o Torture our products
  • Stress testing
  • Stability testing
  • Performance and Load testing
  • Continuous Integration and delivery to our customers
  • Creation of our own built-in test frameworks (Python, TCL)
  • Contribute to creation of new products
  • Exceptionally also support or deploy products (at customers’ premises ... so a bit of travelling is possible too)

Proč je tato pozice lákavá?

Who will you work with?
  • Linux geeks, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, developers/testers to the core
  • People who work hard, play hard and laugh loud
  • Individuals who like to dig deep into technology and want to know how things work
  • Agile supporters or at least scrum-tolerant individuals

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  • Úvazek: plný
  • Plat: dohodou
  • Region: Brno
  • Vhodné pro absolventy: ne
  • Referenční číslo: A6582


Martin Bárta

Martin Bárta

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